About Us

We have launched a training Academy to encourage girls and women to improve their football ability.


We aim to

  • Create an atmosphere for optimal performance
  • Create physical challenges to allow females to positively experience their athletic capabilities
  • Challenge female athletes to grow both physically and mentally
  • Explain your mistakes and be honest
  • Be approachable and open
  • Maintain a positive attitude and treat players in a positive way
  • Help you realise what you are capable of
  • Develop and master new skills progressively
  • Set real and achievable goals
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Safe and supportive environment to encourage girls and women to stay involved in the beautiful game






The Complete Player


It is important for players to be allowed to have their own personality to achieve their goal – it can be stressful!

“The most important thing is to give your maximum”


The basis of technique are passing, control, shooting, tackling, heading, throw-in and goalkeeper.


This is a collective sport and your technical ability has to be joined into the game in many aspects.


Important areas for females are Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity, Speed, Muscular Strength and Co-ordination.  At the 2011 Women’s World Cup, the average distance covered by the 16 teams in the group stage was 10.215km (at different speeds).  The average distance of a maximum sprint was 13.7m.

We aim to work on the individual physical training for different positions – taking into account the skills used in these positions as well as the types of exertion and distances – applying appropriate recovery time.

We recommend individual physical training based on the players characteristics, strengths and weaknesses during our training periods.  We will test players and prepare a program for them.



The Football Federation Australia Curriculum will also be implemented within the program.